Star Wars: The Completionist Saga is a blog in which four writers (and perhaps a few guests along the way) explore the entirety of Star Wars stories committed to the screen, wonder how they all fit together, and decide which parts are essential viewing and which parts can be thrown to the sarlacc. As we delve into the saga, we'll also share our other thoughts on Star Wars – perhaps our connections to the novels, or the video games, or the original Decipher Customizable Card Game that we're still collecting for some reason. Learn more about the premise of the blog here, catch up on our official takes on the various movies and TV shows here, and read our other bits of Star Wars ephemera here.

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Ryan Howard

Ryan Howard is a Minnesota journalist and blogger who likes TV, comics and “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.” He first watched Star Wars when he was four and has viewed the original movies at least once a year (usually more) since then. When he's not writing on Star Wars TCS, he may be updating his other blog, Matinee Culture, curating his original Star Wars CCG collection or hanging out with his wife and two kids in the northern Twin Cities suburbs. You can find him on Twitter @RTHowitzer.

Mark Rustad

Mark Rustad is a software engineer in Minnesota. His first memory of Star Wars was his younger brother getting freaked out by Darth Vader choking the Rebel trooper in the opening scene of Episode IV. This delayed his first viewing of Star Wars until he was in Junior High. Since then, he has grown to love the Star Wars saga. He enjoys other nerdoms including Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and other fantasy/science fiction.

He lives with his wife, Megan, in the Twin Cities.

Bethany Johnson

Lover of all things space and time-travel related. Sometimes writer, sometimes director, sometimes neither. Lives in Los Angeles with loving husband, codependent dog, and several coffee brewing apparatuses.

Ryan Vanasse

Ryan Vanasse is another guy who writes for this site, but he hasn't submitted his bio yet. You can just assume he looks like this until he does.

Jacob Wielgus

Jacob is the subpar web developer who built this site, which was made using Jekyll and is hosted for free on Github Pages.

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